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Ida-Johanna Lundqvist is an artist working within the fields of sculpture, installation and sound. With a background in palliative nursing, her art revolves around the human body, rituals, language and the history of health care and funeral traditions. Ida-Johanna is currently based in Stockholm and Oslo.

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01/04/2019 (Cancelled) ▪︎ 'Nobodies Perfect' ▪︎ Khartoum Contemporary Art Centre, Oslo
02/05 - 30/05/2020 ▪︎ 'Tro, håp og kjærlighet?' ▪︎ Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm


• Sotsäng

Materials: Soil, linen, embalming oils, straw, 5-channel sound installation with the recording of my aunt’s late horse, Vera | Year: 2018

• Utan Botten Utan Lock

Materials: Bronze, marble jesmonite, old wood, glass, metal, polyester-resin and hair from 240 different people | Year: 2017

• Sörjd Saknad

Materials: Led, silicone, porcelain, plaster, jesmonite, stainless steel | Year: 2018

• Bort Essä

Materials: Text | Year: 2017

• Genomskinlig För Sig Själv

Materials: Polyester-resin, hair | Year: 2017

• Ingenting Någonting

Materials: recorded talks with terminal patients in Örebro, photos, drawings, research library and a stone from a pre-historic grave | Year: 2018

• 10 Point

Materials: Wax, plastic, soil, plants and mushrooms grown over time | Year: 2016

• Sinoatrial Cradle

Materials: Stainless steel, milk, speakers with the sound of a heart divided on two channels creating a pendular movement of rings on the liquid surface | Year: 2016

• Den nya världens kropp

Materials: Surgical tape and embroidery on grandmothers wool blanket | Year: 2017

• Still life

Materials: Bird skeleton, ink, metal tray | Year: 2016

• Xerxes

Details: Sound piece for the Nordic Sound Art catalogue 2015 | Year: 2015

• Tattoos

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