2022 ▪︎ Spending Time with Ghosts (Solo show) ▪︎ Konstakademien, Stockholm

2021 ▪︎ Bernadotte Stipendiat ▪︎ Stockholm

May 2021 ▪︎ A Flowering and a Fading ▪︎ Konstbunkern ▪︎ Örebro

Aug 2021 ▪︎ Residency ▪︎ Studio 11, Berlin

Nov 2021 ▪︎ 'Darker' ▪︎ c4projects, Copenhagen


A Flowering and a Fading

2021 | Silicone and silk.

Atlas Betula

2020 | Wood carving on birch log. Soil, fabric, embalming oils. The poem on the log is takenfrom an 1800’s funeral speech.

Protection Spells

2020 | Tattoo ink on silicone, drawings based on various folklore myths, old protection spells and recipes.

I Have Made a Place

2017-2020 | Bronze, marble jesmonite and antique wood. Self portrait inspired by different art historic works and transi graves from 1300’s.

In 100 Years We Will All Be Bald

2017 | Glass, metal, polyester resin tinted with pigment made from the hair of 240 different people.

Farewell Transmission

2018-2020 | Installation with the sound of a late horse moving around in the room, straw and fabric.

Sotsäng / I Will Carry You

2018 | Soil, linen, embalming oils, straw and 5 channel surround sound.

Sörjd Saknad / Mourned Missed

2018 | Sculpture series based on the shapes of scandinavian funeral candy. Led, silicone, porcelain, plaster, jesmonite and stainless steel.

BORT Essä / GONE Essay

2017 | Experimental text on thought and process.

Cross Section

2017 | Polyester resin, human hair, stainless steel and tube lights.

10 Point

2016 | Wax, plastic, light, soil, plants and mushrooms grown over time.

Sinoatrial Cradle

2016 | Stainless steel, milk, speakers with the sound of a heartbeat divided on two channels creating a pendular movement of rings on the liquid surface.


2017 | Surgical tape and embroidery on grandmothers wool blanket.

Still Life

2016 | Bird skeleton, black ink and metal tray


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Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm - Master of Fine Art, 2016-2018
Umeå Art Academy, Umeå - Bachelor of Fine Art, 2013-2016
KUNO network, Reykjavik (mf) - The Nordic Sound Art Program, 2014-2015
Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm - Diploma of Fine Arts, 2010-2012
Södertörn University, Stockholm - Art History A, 2009-2010
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm - Bachelor in Nursing, 2005-2008

Selected Exhibitions

When Our Memory Becomes Mine - Konsthallen Kulturhuset Möbeln, Tierp, 2022
Konstbunkern - Örebro, May 2021
Darker - c4projects, Copenhagen, November 2021
Tro, Håp og Kjærlighet? - Akershus Kunstsenter, Oslo, May 2020
100 - Gallery CC Malmö, November 2019
Villa Bazaar - Norsk Billedhoggerforening Oslo, October 2019

Group Hug - Low Standards Gallery Oslo, January 2019
Fegeld - Italienska Palatset, Växjö, December 2018
Mark my words - Not Quite, Dals Långed, August 2018
Final Call Finally - Gallery Nos / Trailer Gallery, May 2018
Ingen Äger Tiden - Örebro Konsthall, March 2018
Utan Botten Utan Lock - Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, November 2017

I Skuggan - Italienska Palatset, Växjö, October 2017
Kompis och makt - Q, Copenhagen, 2017

If you see this today - We are exhibiting tomorrow - Exhibition Laboratory in Helsinki, 2017
Moving Art Project - jury-based exhibition, on tour in 10 Swedish cities, 2016
Throwing Out A Baby - Umeå Art Academy and ID: I Gallery, Stockholm, 2016
Ephemeral Attraction - Umeå Art Academy, 2016

Sel əwe - The Nordic Sound Art Program diploma exhibition at HIAP / Gallery Augusta, Helsinki, 2015
Art Boat - Galleri Maskinen at Bothnia Biennale, 2014
Galleri Rummet - Kulturfyren, Stockholm, 2013
Young Art - Vasa Konsthall, Vasa, 2012

Other Merits

The Swedish Art Council 2-year work grant 2021
Bernadotte stipendiat 2021
The Swedish Art Council 1-year work grant 2019
Stockholm Stad studio grant 2019-2021
Stig Hedberg's sculpture grant, Stockholm 2018
Brucebo travel grant, Stockholm 2018
Stiftelsen Familjen Gust. Tobison's grant, Stockholm 2018
Fredrika Bremer grant, Stockholm 2018
Helge Ax:son Johnson's grant, Stockholm 2017
Stiftelsen AAA support grant, Stockholm 2017
The Baltic Donation Travel grant, Umeå 2014

Artist assistant at Studio Wrånes, for artist Tori Wrånes, Oslo, 2018-ff. Tasks: sculpting in clay, retouching of sculptures, molding and casting in silicone, manufacturing of costumes for performance.

Part of the artist group Mam! 2016 - ff. Mam! is a young artist group of 10 Swedish artists that was formed during the winter of 2016/17 with the ambition to create a platform to promote solidarity, networking and artistic exchange. To create a space for artistic, intellectual and political work and dialogue. This is done by arranging exhibitions, collaborating with other cultural networks, making publications and art.

Member of the gallery group Low Standards 2018-ff. Low Standards started as a temporary exhibition room at Youngstorget in Oslo during the fall of 2018 and aimed to offer an alternative and centrally located platform for various creators to show their works. The group consists of three artists, two landscape architects, an architect and a designer who during 17 months curated 17 different art exhibitions, performances, workshops and musical performances.

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